How to Hack Facebook without Using Keylogger and Phishing

Try to open an internet search engine. Start a search for the best ways to hack a Facebook account. Go ahead, we’ll wait.

What results did you get? If we’re to hazard a guess, we’d say it’s mostly about phishing and keyloggers, right? Sure, we’re right. Those two methods didn’t become the two most popular Facebook hacking techniques for nothing.

Phishing 101

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Phishing is a simple process and a clear hacker favorite. It makes use of a cloned or a fake website to dupe victims into entering their account user name and password. Once they enter the data, it’s immediately sent to the hacker for him to use in whatever scheme he’s cooking up.

Keylogger, meanwhile, makes use of either software or hardware to send an infected file to the intended victim’s computer. Once the file is opened, every keystroke done on the machine is logged. The data is gathered and once again sent to the email address the hacker has assigned. Then it’s just a matter of sorting through the data to find the Facebook username and password the hacker needs.

Hacking Facebook accounts

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But those two aren’t the only available Facebook hacking methods. Actually, if you’re a bit of a computer hacking novice, you might be better off staying away from those two techniques in favor of a more straightforward hack. It’s called reverting and it doesn’t require any phishing or keylogging at all.

The “forgotten password” method

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So what is reverting? Simply put, it’s resetting the Facebook password. This is done without the knowledge of the person whose account you’re trying to access, of course. It’s low level hacking is what it is. As such it requires no technical skills or heavy brain power, just a well, a working brain.

The process

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To start, make sure that our victim isn’t actually logged in to his Facebook account. You also need to ensure that you aren’t logged in to your own account. Then follow the steps outlined below:

1. Go to any one of these links: or

What are these? Any one of them will launch the form you’ll need to hack the account.

2. Type in your email address.

3. Apply the needed options.

4. On the question asking for the email associated with the compromised account, type in NO.

5. Under your contact email address, type your own email address to ensure you get the password reset email and not the victim.

6. Under Full Name, write the intended victim’s name.

7. Under Date of Birth, enter the victim’s date of birth.

8. Type in the URL of the compromised Facebook profile.

9. Click on Submit.

10. Wait for the email from Facebook with the password resetting instructions.

There you have it

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Ten quick and easy steps to revert a password. Before trying it out however, here are a few additional tips:

• Instead of using your usual email address to send the reset email to, you might want to create a new email account specifically for this purpose instead. Remember you’re trying to hack into another person’s account. You really don’t want your legitimate email address associated with that, do you?

• Don’t know your victim’s full name? Try accessing his Facebook profile page. It’s almost always reflected there. Hacking a Fb account is certainly no easy job, nevertheless there exists sites out there such as Hayy who claim to be able to hack Facebook accounts on a regular basis. Or if it’s not, test your sleuthing skills by running a Google search on the primary email address the he’s using. It just might redirect you to his other accounts where his full details are listed. The same trick can be used to find out his date of birth.

• The Facebook URL is simply

Hacking into Facebook accounts have never been easier with all the tools and methods available today. However, sometimes the old-school way of resetting passwords is still the most straightforward way to go about it